Publix chocolate ganache cake recipe

Indulge in a mouthwatering homemade chocolate ganache cake with this Publix recipe. Learn how to create a decadent dessert that will impress your family and friends.
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This bakery-style secret cake recipe from Amycakes Bakery is fudgy, moist, and dense with a rich chocolate flavor. It’s almost brownie-like with a thick and fudgy chocolate ganache filling. It’s delicious on its own, or perfect with a glass of milk, scoop of ice cream, or cup of coffee. 1x batch yields one 6" three-layer cake and a 2x batch yields one 8" three-layer cake cut out with cake rings using the Cut and Stack Method. Or choose a different pan size by visiting Double-Batches and…

Lori Lange
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This glorious whipped chocolate ganache cake is divine and is the perfect for any celebration! Layers of moist sour cream chocolate cake are filled and topped with a light as air, 2-ingredient whipped chocolate ganache frosting. Given the mousse-like consistency of the whipped chocolate ganache frosting, each bite of this dreamy chocolate cake is decadently delicious!

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I love to celebrate birthdays (Especially when they're not my own.) A couple of weeks ago, I got to celebrate the birthday of a very special friend. She is a wonderful person and I wanted to make her a cake that was just as sweet as she is. A dark chocolate four layer cake filled with fluffy whipped cream and topped with a rich chocolate ganache should fit the bill. I found this recipe for chocolate cake on I followed the directions for the cake pretty closely but I…

Sally Andrews
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This chocolate ganache cake is a moist, fudgy and rich dark chocolate cake frosted with a lusciously creamy whipped chocolate ganache. What I love most about this ganache cake is how easy it is to make with just two bowls and a whisk. This chocolate cake with ganache is the perfect simple and simply decadent cake for birthdays, celebrations or just because.

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