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Explore fun and interactive pronoun activities to enhance your language skills. From games to worksheets, discover effective ways to practice pronouns and improve your grammar.
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He She They It Pronouns Exercises with Pictures, Personal Pronouns PDF Worksheet Object Pronouns Pronouns are noun words that can be used in place of the names of entities in a sentence and can fulfill all the functions that nouns do. Object pronouns are pronouns that replace the object noun in a sentence. The pronouns mentioned are “I, me” for the first person singular, “you” for the second person singular, and “he, she, it, him, her” for the third person singular. “we” and “us” are used…

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Pronouns - English ESL Worksheets for distance learning and physical classrooms

A simple grammar worksheet about the use of subjective pronouns.It is easy and simple for young learners or struggling students . It can be given at the end of your lesson as a wrap up. - ESL worksheets

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