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Eric Ries has changed how millions of startups develop products with the idea of testing assumptions about customers with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Thank you to the good people on Twitter for vetting this 1-pager! Content of 1-Pager: Lean Startup's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) The fastest way to test a product hypothesis Spoiler Alert: Doesn’t have to be a “ ...

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Upon embarking on my first stint as a product manager, I happened to run into an experienced product executive one day in passing. I asked him for advice and he obliged. He replied rather succinctly: “Ask questions, and then go add value.” He was never one to ramble on. Since then, I’ve taken his advice to heart, asking questions early and often. Now, a few years into my career in the product field, I find myself going a level deeper and asking a new question: Am I asking the right questions…

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As creatives, we have a MILLION project ideas that we want to complete. I’m not the only one that owns nearly 100 domains for that “just in case” project, right? Because I’m always contemplating how to execute new projects, having a smooth process for creating the most irresistible product or service is always at the …

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