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Add a rustic touch to your home decor with unique primitive stitchery ideas. Discover how to create charming and nostalgic pieces that will bring warmth and character to any room.
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Hello! here is a mini quick **CRASH COURSE in how I do the freehand cross stitch that I've been talking about... Step # 1 Gather your supplies ~ I use my hand dyed cupboard cloth (osnaburg) a #26 needle DMC thread (1 strand) beeswax (to wax your thread) and a pencil Step # 2 Draw out a simple heart shape onto your cloth using your pencil. Step # 3 make a small cross stitch at the bottom 'point' of your heart... Step # 4 continue making small stitches in a straight line, first do all of the…

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Yes, I know.... I am lacking terribly on keeping up with my {promised} posting-more-often on this blog! no throwing rotten tomatoes at me please ;) Life is just busy... happily, creatively, thankfully, busily, busy. holidays looming, open house to prepare for. family time, babysitting grand-dogs... work work work plans being made for tutorial videos of my humble stitches, more embroidery patterns in my brain being put on paper for future patterns. thinking about upcoming classes for 2023…

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