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Introduce your child to the Spanish language with these engaging and interactive preschool activities. Help them develop a love for learning Spanish while having fun and exploring a new culture.
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Free printable Spanish worksheets for students learning Spanish as a second language. Our worksheets are designed with the beginner in mind, so you can even use our PDF Spanish printables with your preschool and kindergarten students. You'll find beautiful full-color Spanish charts, worksheets, games, activity pages for learning the basics below. Simple categories are includes like Spanish Colors, Days of the Week in Spanish, and Spanish Months of the Year.

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Need some guidance for teaching preschool Spanish? You’re in the right place! Young children are the perfect age to soak up a new language. I'm currently raising my own three kids bilingually, and have taught classes to this age group as well. It's never too late to start, and 3-5 year olds are really fun to teach! In this post I've compiled my favorited strategies for you. To get started in learning Spanish together, you Can Do three things: 1. Outline some beginning topics. You can create…

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Preschool Spanish Lesson 6: Los colores. Song for learning the colors in Spanish, for kids. Pre K, Montessori, Spanish Colors, Spanish Lessons, Spanish Classroom, Spanish Basics, Bilingual, Spanish Language Learning, Spanish Phrases

Inside: A preschool lesson on the colors in Spanish for kids, through comprehensible stories, songs, and input. Lesson 6 Goals: I can recognize some colors. Target Structures: me gusta, no me gusta, te gusta (repeated from last week), los colores, pinta Note: You may want to teach just four colors one week, or all at once. The online

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Fun Spanish Games for Kids: Learn Spanish Through Play! Pre School, Apps, Spanish Basics, Spanish Lessons, Preschool Spanish, Learning Spanish, Spanish, Preschool, Spanish Lessons For Kids

Inside: Fun Spanish games for kids (preschool and elementary), to learn Spanish. I have a ton of Spanish learning games I’ve collected over the years. But I’ve been missing a list just for younger kids! Here are games that are easy to explain, not-too-competitive, and require more listening than speaking. These are best for preschool and early

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