Prayer garden

Design your own tranquil prayer garden to find solace and connect with your spirituality. Explore ideas for creating a peaceful sanctuary in your outdoor space.
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By embracing Christian symbolism, followers of Christ could find solace in everyday experiences. Throughout the Bible, various kinds of flowers are referenced; their presence reminds us that faith is rooted even in something as beautiful

Tanya Grobbelaar
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July 16, 2018. What started as a bowl of hearts and a pen has since blossomed into nearly 1,000 notes displaying the prayers, hopes and wishes of people in Blowing Rock. The result of this small, outreaching act became what owner Sheri Furman calls The Prayer Tree: A Healing Vine of Hope. Residents and visitors alike over the past few weeks have been pausing to hang their prayers in the tree or pray over the others there as they pass by the wonder of the Holy Spirit overflowing from the vine…