Praise the lord asap rocky

Discover the best songs by ASAP Rocky that will make you want to praise the lord. Explore his unique style and powerful lyrics that will leave you inspired and uplifted.
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“Praise The Lord (Da Shine)” is one of the better tracks on A$AP Rocky’s largely unimpressive new album Testing. There’s something really fun about that beat, led by what sounds like an elementary school recorder. Today, the New York rapper shares its music video, the first from the album. A$AP’s charisma has always been crucial […]

Sam McIntyre
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Languages are fascinating. English has plenty of words that fly in the face of grammar rules we’re taught in school, and learning another language makes you question everything you thought you understood about grammatical structure and what items should be called. Plus, it’s pretty amusing to view a language from the lens of an outsider. For example, the word for thank you in Lithuanian sounds like a sneeze (ačiū), and the word for bread sounds like the name Donna with a thick New York…

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