Power outage preparedness

Ensure you're ready for power outages with these essential tips and ideas. Discover how to stay safe, comfortable, and connected during unexpected power interruptions.
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10 Nonperishable Foods You Must Stock for a Power Outage Situation - If you are wondering what foods to stock up on for a power outage or other emergency situation, do not fear. As a long time prepper (my kids say hoarder), I know the best food to buy for a power outage, quarantine, or

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A power outage can be inconvenient or if you are unprepared, it can be devastating. A long term grid down event will significantly change life as we know it. What should I do when the power goes out if I suspect an extended outage or grid-down event? A carefully planned step-by-step list of critical tasks

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We lost power for seven days. On the sixth day, our electricity was restored, but we were hit with another Nor'easter, leaving us without power once again. I am happy to report on the eighth day, all has returned to normal! Living by the constant roar of fire and flickering candlelight and allowing ourselves to disconnect while internet and electricity were not plentiful was romantic, but it was also a drag. Without power, all creature comforts are gone: Heat/AC, running water, flushable to

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