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Learn about the importance of honoring POW MIA and how you can pay tribute. Explore ideas to raise awareness and show support for our brave soldiers.
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There are 1,741 American personnel listed by the Defense Department's POW/MIA Office as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War, as of April 2009. The number of United States personnel accounted for since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 is 841. About 90 percent of the 1,741 people still missing were lost in Vietnam or areas of Laos and Cambodia under Vietnam's wartime control, according to the National League of Families website (cited in the United States Army website). The…

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I want to thank every single Vet for their service to our nation. I also wish to try to honor the civilians that have served our nation, be it as

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Since 1979, the National POW/MIA Recognition Day has been observed every year on the third Friday of September. As a nation, we take time on this day to honor the brave men and women who were taken captive as prisoners of war (POW) and those who were or still are missing in action (MIA). In the 1970s, more than 2,500 Vietnam War POW/MIAs were unaccounted for and their families pushed the U.S. government for accountability. They didn’t want their loved ones to be forgotten.

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