Porch flag ideas

Enhance the curb appeal of your porch with these creative flag ideas. Discover unique ways to display your patriotism and add a touch of color and pride to your outdoor space.
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With July on its way soon, I had to throw in some inspiration for patriotic porches this year as I am fantasizing what my future 4th of July porch will look like. So many people have such great ideas and if you're anything like me, you get new ideas and creative vibes by browsing through...Read On →

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Hey hey hey! Are we in the Fourth of July spirit yet? With the holiday right around the corner, I am breaking down some super simple (but super cute!) ideas to implement around your house so you are festive and ready to host. Today I am back with another SUPER SIMPLE idea to add instant […]

Anne Cage
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The American Flag is an important national symbol for American citizens, as it represents our sovereign nation. Because of that, the Stars and Stripes should be flown with pride and treated with respect. Now that you have your American flag in hand, you may be wondering which side of the porch you hang it on. […]