Pope leo xiii

Learn about the life and legacy of Pope Leo XIII, one of the longest-reigning popes in history. Discover his influential teachings and lasting impact on the Catholic Church.
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Papal Retrospective : Leo XIII : 3

A portrait of Pope Leo XIII from the year 1885. In this post, we depict some of the sacred metalware and textiles which belonged to Pope Leo and which are still preserved in the Vatican. The images in this post were taken from the volume The Vatican Collection, the catalogue accompanying the exhibition of Papal treasures shewn in Australia in 1988. Click on the images for an enlarged view. This magnificent Processional Cross in the Art Nouveau style was made in France and presented to Pope…

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Pope Leo XIII, Apostolic Letter "Est Sane Molestum" (1888) Pope Leo Xiii, Pope Leo, Mom Prayers, Juan Pablo Ii, Religious People, Religious Images, Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Saints, Roman Catholic

Pope Leo XIII, Apostolic Letter "Est Sane Molestum" (1888)

Apostolic Letter of Pope Leo XIII to the Archbishop of Tours Est Sane Molestum (1888) Apostolic Letter of His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, in which some journalists are warned about the submission and respect owed to bishops, who are the legitimate shepherds of the faithful It is certainly sad and painful to treat with severity those…

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