Pokemon sticker sheet

Explore a variety of creative ideas for using Pokemon sticker sheets to personalize your belongings. Find inspiration for decorating notebooks, laptops, water bottles, and more!

wooo! first page of (pokemon!) stickers now up! you can buy the sheet here! ^_^ ♥

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Super cute Fossil Pokemon sticker sheet! ♦ This sheet has 11 stickers including Tyrunt, Amaura and Omanyte etc. ♦ Each sheet is about 4.25 inches wide, 7.75 inches tall. ♦ The individual stickers about 1 - 2 inches in width and height to give you a basic idea. ♦ Kiss-cut on glossy water resistant sticker paper. They will be shipped with a thick cardboard backing.

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Flying Type Pokemon by miaow

Description Part of my Pokemon Type sticker series! This is for Flying Type. I try to include a Legendary in every sheet! I love love love Fletchling! You can get it here~ skyelab.tictail.com/product/po… Included are... Wingull, Yveltal, Pidove, Chatot, Noibat, Fletchling, Pidgeot, Hoothoot, Starly and Swellow Pokemon © Nintendo