Plant food diy

Boost the growth and health of your plants with these simple and effective DIY plant food recipes. Discover natural ingredients and methods to nourish your plants and watch them flourish.
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Making your own homemade plant food will lower the costs of maintaining a bountiful garden by removing the need for store-bought fertilizer. And a natural fertilizer will ensure your plants stay healthy and uncontaminated by unnatural products commonly found in mass-produced fertilizer. Use these seven easy natural fertilizer recipes to make your own homemade plant food and give your backyard garden that extra boost.

Sue Carter-Bozeman
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Welcome, I know you're here because you're curious to see if this crazy plant food of WEIRD ingredients has gone viral and has been shared over 206 THOUSAND times! I get more questions about this little post than most! So I thought I would dive deep and do a BIG update to answer all your

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