Pineapple planting

Learn how to plant pineapples successfully with these helpful tips and tricks. Discover the best techniques to ensure a thriving pineapple plant in your garden.
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This is something a little different. With Summer right around the corner that means pineapples are popping up at your grocery stores normally for a good deal too! Have you heard you can grow a pineapple from the top of the one you bought? Yep, it does take some time... 2+ years time but if you enjoy grown fruit and vegetables like I do its worth the wait plus its a pretty plant. Here is how you do it, with photos to help Step 1: Cut the top off, easy enough. Step 2: Grab the leaves…

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Most Pineapple plants sold as houseplants are dwarf pineapple plants or mini pineapple plants. They often come with a little pineapple on top. Get the complete care guide on how to grow this fun plant in your home!

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