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Discover unique and stylish body piercing ideas for a private and personal touch. Enhance your individuality with these trendy and fashionable body piercing options.
Most people don't realize it, but oral piercings can actually force the gum line to recede from constant contact.  #DeltaDental Tongue Rings, Tounge Piercing, Tongue Piercing Jewelry, Faux Piercing, Dental Facts, Types Of Piercings, Tongue Piercing, Body Piercings, Beautiful Lips

A Hole New World: The Risks Posed by Piercings | Delta Dental of Arizona Blog - Tips for healthy teeth & happy smiles

Though some people think lip and tongue piercings are trendy, there’s one thing that will never be in style: chipped teeth, which is just one of the problems that can happen when your mouth is bejeweled. If you’re considering a piercing – or if you have a teen who’s been asking for one – be […]

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