Piano cakes

Impress your guests with these creative and delicious piano cake ideas. Discover how to make a show-stopping dessert that looks like a piano and tastes amazing. Try it today!
Custom Cake: Piano (Butter Icing) 
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Custom Cake: Piano (Butter Icing) #ihavesweettooth #ihstfondantcakes #cookieartistmalaysia #cakeartistmalaysia #igcakes #sayajualkek #ihavesweettooth #klbaker

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Piano Layer Cake This was made with love for Valentine's Dad for my mom, a phenomenal piano player! You may also love Kit Kat Cookies. You may need: Piping Bag 1M tip 9x13 pans Piano Layer Cake Cake (This makes one 9x13 cake.) For a double layer like this piano cake, make this recipe twice or double and divide between 2 pans.)1¾ c. flour¾ cup unsweet. cocoa powder1½ tsp baking powder1½ tsp baking soda2 cups sugar1 tsp salt2 eggs1 cup milk½ cup canola2 tsp vanilla extract1 cup boiling…

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