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Water and land-form anchor chart for science. This chart helps students who are visual, understand what the land-forms look like. Science standards: 4. The Physical Setting, C. Processes that Shape the Earth. Grade 6: There are a variety of different land forms on the earth's surface (such as coastlines, rivers, mountains, deltas, and canyons). Social Geography, Water Forms, Land Forms, Science Anchor Charts, 3rd Grade Social Studies, Kindergarten Social Studies, 4th Grade Social Studies, Class Activity, Map Making

I am so excited to be hosting my *FIRST* linky party! Woot! So excited in fact, that I made it last ALL.SUMMER.LONG! LOL! Here’s the L.D.- I am obsessed with learning about how other teachers “do things” in their classrooms. It never ceases to amaze me how creative and different every teacher can be, even […]

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THE GREAT INDIAN CONTINENT: INDIA : GEOGRAPHICAL COMPOSITION Indian River Map, Ancient India Map, India World Map, Ias Study Material, Teaching Geography, Indian History Facts, Physical Geography, Geography Map, Geography Lessons

PHYSICAL FEATURES OF INDIA : India is having all the features that earth have in its physical structure like mountain, plain, deserts, plateaus, islands, rivers, sea, lakes etc. How did these features form earlier?-this question can be answered by the views of Earth Scientists and their study tells us about the formation of various parts of the earth. There are various theories given earlier one of which is the "theory of tectonics". THEORY OF TECTONICS : According to this theory " the crust…

NATURE - GEOGRAPGICAL FEATURES - English ESL Worksheets for distance learning and physical classrooms Nature, Geographical Features Worksheet, Nature Vocabulary English, Nature Worksheets, Nature Vocabulary, Nature Worksheet, Nature Lessons, Nature Places, Advanced Vocabulary

A2 vocabulary realted to nature and geographical features. Key providedMore: - ESL worksheets