Photographic studio

Transform your photography with these creative studio ideas. Capture stunning shots and take your photography to the next level with these tips and tricks.
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Studio Equipment

2 x AlienBees Einstein 640 2 x AlienBees B800 2 x AlienBees 7" Reflector 2 x AlienBees 30 Degree Grid 2 x AlienBees CSXCV CyberSync Transceiver 1 x AlienBees CyberCommander (Not shown) 2 x AlienBees Foldable Giant Softbox (30" x 60") 1 x AlienBees Foldable Medium Softbox (24" x 36") 1 x AlienBees 22” High-Output White Beauty Dish Reflector 2 x Avenger A2033L 40" Sliding Base 1 x Avenger D600 Mini Boom 1 x Avenger D200 Grip Head 1 x Avenger D570 Extension Arm with Swivel Pin 1 x Calumet…

Amanda Meyer