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Get ready to hit the road with these top ideas to unleash your pedal power. Discover new routes, gear recommendations, and tips to enhance your cycling experience.
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Reusing a Defunct Top-Loading Washing Machine by Converting It to Pedal Power - Step-by-step: We've been using pedal power for over 15 years ever since our front loading washing machine failed electronically. The first conversion we did was quite simple and when this machine finally sprung a leak in the drum, which was irreparable, we had …

Donovan Gericke
Kitchen unit that combines three kitchen appliances with a central driving unit. The heart of the unit is a treadle powered flywheel which works as an short-term energy storage (as in the Human Powered Flywheel Motor), capable of delivering up to 350 watts (of mechanical power) to the appliances Gadgets, Kitchen Gadgets, Appliances, Storage Ideas, Kitchen Machine, Kitchen Devices, Kitchenware, Pedal Power, Home Appliances

If we boost the research on pedal powered technology - trying to make up for seven decades of lost opportunities - and steer it in the right direction, pedals and cranks could make an important contribution to running a post-carbon society that maintains many of the comforts of a modern life. The possibilities of pedal power largely exceed the use of the bicycle.

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BICITRACTOR B300 (POC21 Version, Wait for the Next Version in February If You Want to Build One) : 10 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Electric, Farms, Tool Holder, Bike Frame, Bike Chain, Tools, Steel Bar, Farming, Next

BICITRACTOR B300 (POC21 Version, Wait for the Next Version in February If You Want to Build One): What is Bicitractor? The Bicitractor is a pedal-powered farming tractor with electric assistance, made by farmers for farmers. It is intended for SMALL AND MEDIUM vegetable farms. It allows for different agricultural tasks that require working a max…

Jamil Sani