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15 Artists Under 30: Khyati Trehan – PRINT Magazine Origami, Kunst, Knutselen, Papier, Desain Grafis, Artesanato, Tekenen, Resim, Basteln

This is the third year we’ve run our New Visual Artists: 15 under 30 issue. What was once a highly edited list of 20 of the best and brightest young designers is now a deeper exploration of 15 of the most original talents working in visual communications today. This issue of Print comes at an interesting time. This new group of designers, while undeniably adroit, is part of a generation fully proficient in the art of self-promotion in a digital age. Getting the word out about

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Japan-based artist Ayumi Shibata (previously) constructs intricate paper cities and natural landscapes that both fit in the palm of her hand and are expansive enough to pass through on foot. Using dozens of layers of paper for a single project, Shibata carves miniature houses, clouds, and tree-filled forests that eventually are illuminated in glass vessels, stored safely in a book, or erected in large-scale installations. The artist tells Colossal that she doesn’t use pencil outlines, in…

Thảo Phương
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Morgana Wallace (previously) began making cut paper collages after her interest was sparked during a monotype session in printmaking class. Wallace was most attracted to the texture of cut paper compositions, especially with unique materials like wallpaper samples. Currently her work revolves around female heroines and mystical beasts, adding detail to her characters with banners and leaves that float around the subjects’ heads and torsos. Wallace often uses Japanese linen paper in her work…

Cathrina D. Flynn
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Illustrator Sonia Alins (previously) creates evocative aquatic scenes using a combination of two and three dimensional elements. Smooth, translucent vellum creates the visual effect of water, and Alins sometimes inserts tufts of colored thread or small sheets of tulle to invoke the ocean floor’s textural topography. Alins then creates carefully placed slits in the vellum to allow her figurative illustrations to peek through the water. Swimming women and the occasional whale move through the…

Chloë Wicks