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Description A floral paisley design I came up with for Gareth who came in looking for a...half sleeve i think it was of paisley, with a focal flower near the top of his arm, and smaller ones coming off the stem. this was...challenging to do, and I'm not sure he'll like it. But I hope he does. It's not supposed to be tilted like that, but my scanner is small and shit and scanning it tilted like that was the only way i could get it all in without having a weird line running through the middle…

Ceci Chacon
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Have you ever found yourself wondering? what is the anachronistic origins of the paisly design? well who hasnt?The anachronistic origins of the paisley design. What were the origins of the paisley design?Many have asked, but few have had the patients to f.... Read the miscellaneous free on Booksie.