Painting galvanized metal diy

Transform your galvanized metal surfaces with these easy DIY painting techniques. Learn how to achieve a professional finish and add a personal touch to your metal projects.
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How To Use Acrylic Paint On Metal? [5 Steps]

When you think of acrylic paint projects, canvas may come to mind as the ideal surface, but canvas is not the only surface that acrylic paint can be applied to. Acrylic paint is very versatile and easily applied over any surface that is wax or oil-free. Preparing your surface for acrylic paint may be tricky, […]

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How to Paint Galvanized Metal Buckets

There are so many uses for buckets, and we've been over many of those uses in past blogs. But sometimes you want to add a bit of color to your bucket that you are using, what better way to do than to paint your galvanized bucket? Keep in mind that some of the instructions can be altered for your specific bucket painting needs. Using a degreaser wash your bucket well. Since you are using a galavanized bucket steel wool is good fore cleaning this ultra-durable surface. Rinse your bucket off…

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