Pagan calendar

Learn about the ancient rituals and celebrations of the Pagan Calendar. Discover the significance of each month and embrace the rich spiritual heritage of this ancient tradition.
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Between Sabbats, Esbats, Moon phases, and other sacred days for ancestors and deities, keeping up with the pagan Wheel of the Year can be overwhelming. There are a multitude of deities and pantheons, and some faiths have multiple holidays for each. Hopefully, this comprehensive list will keep you informed and up-to-date for any events that...

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🌞Crafted with Love and Nature's Wisdom, this exquisite Wheel of the Year Round Wood Sign celebrates the ever-turning cycle of seasons. Each intricate detail symbolizes the harmony between Earth and Sky, inviting you to embrace the magic of every moment and find solace in the eternal rhythm of life's journey. A stunning ode to the changing tides of time, this artful piece brings the essence of nature's beauty to your sacred space, inspiring wonder and gratitude with each passing season…

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Choose between: A3 Astrological Wiccan wheel of the year pagan calendar and / or the witches sabbat journey chart poster. The artwork is from original oil paintings 76 x 61 cm each and some of them have an Art Nouveau style. CALENDAR: Keep tack of the annual Sabbat dates and times with this pagan wheel of the year calendar. There is also space for you to fill in the annual astrological elements of the sabbat dates if you want to. Halloween / Samhain - End of harvest season. Autumn going onto…