Packing tips for moving

Make your move a breeze with these essential packing tips. Learn how to efficiently pack your belongings and ensure a smooth transition to your new home.
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Pack Like a Pro: 23 Moving Tips to Keep Your Sanity (And Stuff) Intact

Moving is stressful, but not as bad as breaking valuables in transit! These genius packing tips for moving will keep your stuff safe!

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12 Packing Shortcuts That Will Save You Time and Money

We’re not going to sugar-coat it: Moving is the worst. There’s nothing fun about having to play Tetris with your belongings and all the clutter that comes with it, only to have to unpack it all a day later. And while there is no magic solution to getting around packing—other than paying an arm and a leg for a moving service—there are some shortcuts that can make the process a little easier.

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Prepare for a Move: Best Tips and Hacks to Stay Organized

Get ready to OWN your move with 14 time-saving, sanity-sparing hacks! Learn how to declutter before your move, what order to pack for a move, and ALL KINDS of time-saving hacks that will make moving day so much easier. #9 is a game-changer! Moving guide | Decluttering when moving | Moving organization tips

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Moving part 2: Change of address, services to stop, organizing checklist

There are loads of helpful, extremely detailed moving checklists out there that countdown three months out from your move. This is not that list. This is the list that hits the major checkpoints of moving — the ones you don't want to forget when you're packing and sorting like a tornado. I'd like to say… Read More Moving part 2: Change of address, services to stop, organizing checklist

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