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Discover creative and eye-catching package design ideas to make your product stand out. Upgrade your branding and attract more customers with these innovative packaging solutions.
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Wonderkind Co’s packaging design for The Morning Juice Co is a refreshing departure from the ordinary OJ offerings. With its cheerful illustrations and lively typography, the packaging exudes a captivating sense of nostalgia. The incorporation of vibrant yellows and oranges in the photography celebrates the essence of sunshine and orange juice and infuses the packaging […]

William Khorweili
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QingYou Studio x XingHe | fruit wine packaging design Telephone booths are the feelings of an era, sheng in the nineties of the last century, and finally at the beginning of this century. Decades ago, it was quietly waiting for someone to use it, but now it can only be found in movies The person…

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Packaging design is a very crucial element and around 70% of the purchasing decisions based on the basis front of shelve visibility of packaging. Customers take about 7 seconds to make a purchase decision, and in an average supermarket,

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Water that sparkles the imaginationTM. What is Waju? It’s a new source for upcycled water sourced from organic fruit that up until now would otherwise be just flushed away. But Waju patented a new way of saving this wasted water and upcycling it. That ingenuity, that quirky sense of optimism is what permeates throughout the […]

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