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DIY Oriole Feeders - Who Needs A Cape?

DIY Oriole Feeders — Repurpose your old candle lids to make feeders for your feathered friends! DIY Oriole Feeders We are huge lovers of wild birds at my house and have several types of feeders in our backyard to attract different birds. Some attract shyer birds like blue jays and downy woodpeckers, while others attract

Patricia Kozlosky
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Where to Place An Oriole Feeder (Proven Methods)

Bird feeder placement is a significant factor in attracting birds. If the birds don’t like where you’ve placed their bird feeders, there’s a high chance that they won’t even bother to visit that feeder anymore. For a Baltimore oriole, it’s essential to keep their bird feeders away from direct sunlight.

Kimberly Clark

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