Origami shapes

Explore unique and artistic origami shape ideas to enhance your paper folding skills. Discover step-by-step instructions and inspiration for creating stunning origami shapes.
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Naming opus-style took me some time for establishing (For now I do that only for tessellations/corrugations) but oooh, how much pleasure it brings not to think about the name anymore! Surely, this tessellation is one of the row of similar ones. But at the same time the proportions and the curves are indeed different. And trying to distinguish between these brings a lot of headache. But now... T-53, it haven't been easier! Opus T-53 One sheet of tant paper It may seem the same to you…

Edgar Daniel
Gasherbrum - 4 Intersecting Triangles - Modular Origami - No Glue: 13 Steps Triangle, Origami, Paper Folding, Modular Origami, Square Paper, Triangles, Rainbow Loom Charms, Origami Folding, Fold

Gasherbrum - 4 Intersecting Triangles - Modular Origami - No Glue: Hi guys and gals :) Time for something slightly easier! This is the easiest of the 5 himalayan peaks by Robert Lang. This model took me just over 2 hours to fold, and it's loads of fun! Doable in one sitting ;) The maths: These are 4 equilateral …

Lin Peyton