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These Older Models Prove that Beauty Doesn’t Have an Expiration Date (Pictures) Lace Frontal Wig, Frontal Wigs, Sixty And Me, Grey Wig, Gray Hair, White Hair, Photographie Portrait Inspiration, Old Faces, Older Models

Oldushka is a fascinating name for a modeling agency for older adults. It’s a funny blend of English and Russian that you would really only “get” if you had lived in both Russia and the West for some of your life. The word “old” is obvious and, by itself, a little too direct...

Pei Ni Ko
15 Actors Who Make Awesome Young Versions Of Older Actors Hot Hollywood Actors, Hollywood Scenes, Hollywood Stars, Young Actors, Hot Actors, Actors & Actresses, Older Male Actors, Attractive Male Actors, Most Handsome Actors

Bruce Wilis faces off against a younger version of himself, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in the new movie Looper. The time-travel movie used makeup effects to get the stars to look alike, but it got us thinking: What other performers would rock as younger versions of older actors?