Old Trees

Transform your outdoor space with these creative ideas to incorporate old trees. Discover how to repurpose old trees and create a stunning focal point in your landscape.
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One of the longest living types of trees, oaks can survive upwards of a millennium. With over 600 different species, all varieties have enormous trunks, branches, showy bark, and acorns with cup-like caps. Since they mature into large trees with extremely wide canopies they are best suited for homes with large yards.

The Poetic Paintbrush
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Trees are among the oldest living organisms on the planet. Some individual trees have lived for several thousand years, and connected groves of trees can sometimes live for tens of thousands of years. Living that long requires a combination of steady climate, solitude, luck and of course, genetics. Some tree species consistently outlive the others. Based on tree rings (which form at the rate of one per year), these are the longest-lived tree species.

Euseless Tilley