Old milk bottles

Discover unique and creative ideas to repurpose old milk bottles into stunning decorative items or functional pieces for your home. Start recycling and transform your old milk bottles into something beautiful and useful.
101 Glass Milk Bottle Uses (would be great for those Starbucks refrigerated drinks) Recycling Milk Bottles, Milk Bottle Decor, Milk Bottle Craft, Milk Bottle Diy, Garage Store, Milk Jug Crafts, Old Milk Bottles, Starbucks Bottles, Vintage Milk Bottles

Glass milk bottles are a great item to have around for everything from using for drinks to creating crafts. We have scoured our brains, the internet, and everything to come up with 101 ideas for using those glass milk bottles. Use to hold milk in the fridge. Use for Orange Juice or other fruit juices. Store chocolate syrup. Use small ones as drink glasses. Use as vases. Use as centerpieces. Store buttons. Store marbles. Store beads. Use as a paintbrush holder. Store marshmallows. Store dried…

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