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Get your office files in order with these smart ideas. Find efficient ways to store, categorize, and access your documents for maximum productivity.
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One of my goals for 2017 is to document more of my organizational projects on the blog. Over the last couple of years (basically since I had Sami), I have been posting some of the 'after' shots on my Instagram, but I just never got around to taking photos & blogging about the process. So, the first area of our home I decided to tackle for 2017 was our office. More specifically - our paperwork & filing drawers. Since this is my absolute least favorite area to deal with, I figured it would be…

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Ready or not, today we are going to tackle office organization! For me personally, an organized office leads to increased productivity and greater efficiency. Two things we could all benefit from! So I'm sharing all my secrets and tips to make your home or work office a more productive and efficient

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Increase Productivity - Maintaining a well organized desk simplifies your day-to-day tasks, and creates the best environment for work or study. Keeping your desk clean will allow you to find what you need, without adding stress to the mix. Space-saving Design - This desk organizer owns 4 sliding trays, 2 upright file holder, 1 pen organizer and 1 sliding drawer which tidies up your desktop and is convenient for your office! The top open storage space can help you sort out some daily office…

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About this item Fashion meets function; with sleek modern styling, our bright white file folders reflect your taste and inspire your best Includes 10 white, letter sized hanging file folders (size: 11 3/4" x 9 5/16") that will keep important documents in their place Each hanging file folder includes a debased logo and metal rods that will fit letter-size hanging file systems Uniquely designed to hold letter sized document (8 1/2" x 11") of all types; family record, school records, business…

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A recent client of mine asked me to help organise her home office, where she and her husband run their 2 businesses (I will share 'part 1' of this on Thursday). They have a lot of paperwork and needed systems for keeping the paper clutter at bay. When putting the plan for the space together, I researched lots of different organising methods, as I know paperwork is a real nightmare for a lot of people. Here are some ideas you might find helpful:

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I created this printable Instant Filing System with pre-labeled printable filing tabs, working as a professional organizer, to help my clients take the thought out of where their paper should go. Simply print the tabs, insert them in hanging files and you are ready to start filing! My 27 page guide explains what papers should be filed behind each tab and most importantly when they can be removed. (Note: These pages are for general advice. Always consult your tax preparer or lawyer if you are…

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