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Enhance your athletic performance with the right sports nutrition. Discover top tips and products to fuel your body and reach your fitness goals.
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Learn the proportions for a balanced and varied meal to achieve optimal nutrition and health. Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits, including a variety of types for maximum nutrients. Reserve a quarter of your plate for complex carbs, such as whole wheat grains.

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Food Pyramid for Athletes For athletes exercising > 5 hours per week Based on the Food Pyramid for healthy adultsof the Swiss Society for Nutrition Basic& Sport Sweet, salty snacksand sweet-ened drinks Consume sweets, salty snacks and sweetened drinks(e.g., soft drinks, ice tea, energy drinks) in moderation. When consuming alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation ans as part of a meal. USe salt with added iodine and fluoride, and in limited quantities only. The same applies to the…