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Enhance your style with trendy nose piercing jewelry. Discover top ideas to find the perfect piece that complements your personality and adds a touch of uniqueness to your look.
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Adjustable Crystal Nose Cuffs W/ Swarovski crystals - Fake Nose Ring Zahzara - Yellow Zara - Orange Nala - Light blue Saba - Dark Green Cace - Blueish Green Riana - Blue Khari - Light Pink Rashi - Lilac Atiya - Blue Oni - Green Gold plated wire cuff No Nose piercing needed Cuff should be tightened on nostril ✨ Before purchasing, please make sure your address is USPS verified to ensure your package gets to you safely and in good timing. If USPS doesn’t recognize your address, a shipping label…

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A PROFESSIONAL piercer has revealed the three piercings she would never get and the reasons why. Marie regularly shares her piercing wisdom on TikTok, often advising people on what piercings to get…

Lauren Pullen
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Product Information Product Type: Ultra Shine Crystal Stud in 0.925 Sterling Silver Gauge Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) Wearable Stud Length(Ball End): 7mm Star Top Diameter: 4mm 20G Starfish Outline Nose Ring Stud in Silver or Gold 0.925 Sterling Silver What is the size of these piercings? • 20 gauge (0.8mm): 0.925 Sterling Silver • 4mm*4mm: Solid Top • 7mm(L): Nose Stud Length (Ball End) Star Nose Bone, Stars Nose Stud, Silver Piercing, Gold Piercing, 0.925 Sterling Silver, Hollow Star, Tiny…