Nintendo perler

Get inspired by these creative Nintendo Perler bead ideas and create fun DIY projects. Explore unique designs and bring your favorite Nintendo characters to life with Perler beads.
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Super Mario Bros Elements Perler Beads Art Nintendo Video Game Can Be Fridge Magnet, Keychain, Phone Charm, and Badge - Etsy Canada

Super Mario Bros Elements Perler Beads Art- Nintendo Video Game- Can be Fridge Magnet, Keychain, Phone Charm, and Badge! “It’s-a me, Mario!” Here we have all of the elements in Super Mario Bros! The block, the mushroom, the coin, the fire flower, etc. Come on find the elements you like for your video game room! —Size— Each product (Plain) measures roughly 1 3/4 inches tall by 1 3/4 inches wide. Each product (Plain) measures roughly 4.5 cm tall by 4.5 cm wide. —Multiple finishes— Plain: just…

Christian Zurita
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Gameboy Perler Bead Keychain

Are you a gamer at heart and want to show everyone what the old Gameboys used to look like? Want to show other Nintendo fans that you also poured countless hours into the tiny screen that didn't even have a backlight to it? With this keychain you can add it to your backpack, key ring, purse, etc. to let others know how much of a gamer you are. Coming in a multitude of different colors, you can finally rock the Gameboy Color you always wanted. The Perler Bead Gameboy keychains are made by…

Kiaris Parris