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Explore stunning night scene photography ideas to capture the beauty and tranquility of the night. Discover how to create breathtaking images that will leave you in awe.
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Chiara I learned everything with you for 11 years together. But, it just did not teach me one thing: LIVE WITHOUT YOU. Now you shine in heaven! We separated physically, but spiritually our love will last forever, lives after lives that we will always live together... I will love always you... Thank you for all my hairy little angel... Now I know you´re happy... Peace and blessings...

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By admin in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings Born in Seville, Spain, Alberto Ortega now lives and paints in Raleigh, North Carolina. His work focuses on the landscapes that we create for ourselves—our suburbs and our homes—at night. Alberto’s paintings, are, for the most part, a stage in which we can envision our own lives. Interestingly, you’ll never see figures in his work. . . instead, your eye will be drawn to the parked cars, shuttered windows, and glowing porch lights that […]

Pablo Rivera
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I'm Alex, an amateur 37-year-old photographer. I love stories and I love telling them using my pictures. During my long sickness this year (not covid) I had very little time to shoot. I only made a few shots this year and mostly edited them in the hospital to kill some time. The good thing is I had a lot of time to improve some older shots of mine, and here is the result that I’d like to share with all of you, Pandas!

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