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Discover the incredible story of Nick Fury, a fearless Marvel hero who stops at nothing to protect the world. Explore his adventures and join the excitement today!
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Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury is the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D., which, during his time as director, became the world's leading international military espionage agency. Nick becomes the driving force that eventually sees the different heroes become a unique response team known as the Avengers. While his past at the current time is unknown, he is a gifted leader and a capable operative on his own. Nicholas Joseph Fury was born on the 4th of July, 1950, in Huntsville, Alabama. His first pet…

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182 appearance(s) of Nicholas Fury, Jr. (Earth-616) 5 appearance(s) in handbook(s) of Nicholas Fury, Jr. (Earth-616) 17 minor appearance(s) of Nicholas Fury, Jr. (Earth-616) 21 mention(s) of Nicholas Fury, Jr. (Earth-616) 126 image(s) of Nicholas Fury, Jr. (Earth-616) 21 quotation(s) by or about Nicholas Fury, Jr. (Earth-616) 3 victim(s) killed by Nicholas Fury, Jr. (Earth-616) 3 item(s) used/owned by Nicholas Fury, Jr. (Earth-616) Nicholas Fury, Jr. on Nicholas Fury, Jr. on…

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