New york wedding venues

Discover the perfect wedding venue in New York to create lasting memories. Explore our top picks for stunning locations that will make your special day unforgettable.
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A New York wedding is a dream for many, but city is the most expensive place for weddings in the US. Two wedding planners said the top New York wedding venues include The Plaza Hotel and Cipriani. Here are other popular venues in the city and how much they cost.

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Start spreading the news... New York is one of the most dynamic cities in the world to exchange your vows. With more than eight million people spread out across over 250 neighborhoods, New York City is the epitome of a wedding venue melting pot. Whether it’s sprawling industrial lofts spacious enough to fit three hundred of your closest friends, intimate mom-and-pop restaurants with cozy backyards, or New York’s most iconic public buildings available for rent, inside the Big Apple you can…

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