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Katie Fields
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When you decide to get a tattoo, choosing the right artist is nearly as important as picking the design and spot. I mean, if someone is to ink you they better have the experience and skill required to produce something nothing short of amazing, right? After all, this is going to be on your body forever. Well, experience, yes, but skill? Not necessarily.

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Did you know that 48% of adults in Italy have a tattoo? Not far behind, 47% of Swedes have at least one piece of ink. And in the United States, 46% of adults have been permanently branded with artwork. Well, “artwork” might be a stretch, because in some cases, these tattoos are just painfully bad.

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Good tattoo artists sometimes don’t get the attention and respect that they deserve. Some people simply assume that high-quality ink is par for the course. It’s only after you’ve seen just how bad things can truly get that you start developing an even deeper appreciation for good designs and techniques.