Nerve health

Take charge of your nerve health with these essential tips. Discover how to improve your nerve function and maintain overall well-being for a healthier lifestyle.
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Nerve damage can manifest itself in a variety of ways and has been linked to various autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and lupus. Nerve damage may be a result of nutrient deficiencies, and once again we see that real food is really powerful in helping heal nerve damage. On top of that though, we see […]

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“Your body is a site of liberation” declares poet, activist, and theologian Tricia Hersey in her radically grounding and liberating book Rest is Resistance – and if there is any way I can summarize vagus nerve stimulation, those seven words say it perfectly. Your body is a site of liberation. You are both a divine being who has a Soul, as well as a mammal who lives, breathes, and loves in a physical body. Your body is a path, a doorway, a portal to freedom. So why do we often prefer to focus…

Cheri Gartrell