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Colt 1911 Toy Gun with Ejecting Magazine and Glow Tip Bullets - Style of M1911 with Slide Action Orange Barrel for Sa... Police Toys, History Games, Nerf Toys, Sheriff Badge, Games Board, Safety Training, Dolls Accessories, Play Toys, Outdoor Toys

Includes 1 Toy Pistol with blaze orange slide and barrel, 1 toy magazine and 10 toy bullets IMPORTANT: Slide of toy gun must be fully pulled back and only once per shot to avoid damage. Do not load more than 5 rounds into toy magazine Compatible with any equipment that will fit the real thing. The right size, making it the perfect choice for Halloween or cosplay where realism matters. The fun of this toy is the realism of it's mechanics, not the distance or accuracy of the projectile, which…

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PACKAGE INCLUDES: 10* plastic shells which is used to hold the soft foam darts; 30 original darts. The toy gun can be filled up with 5 darts each round. Accessory kit includes a wrist strap for holding bullets, a dart belt for holding darts, protective goggles for safe game playing, screwdriver for DIY assembly and targeting scope with green dot light for aiming. BLASTER OF SHELL EJECTION FEATURE : Experience realistic shell ejection just like a hero in the movie with this innovative toy gun…

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BELT FED BLASTER: The X-Shot Excel Omega has a 30 dart capacity belt that feeds into, and automatically rotates through, the blaster. SLAM-FIRE FEATURE: Hold down the trigger and pump the priming handle to blast all 30 darts in seconds. FIRING POWER: The X-Shot Excel Omega can hit targets up to 27m / 90 feet away. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x X-Shot OMEGA, 98 x Foam Darts X-SHOT PROMISE: Our mission is to deliver value to our fans worldwide. Our 'UP YOUR GAME' promise is to provide a combination of…

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Crusher: the crusher 35-dart Capacity belt has an incredible shooting distance of up to 90 feet/ 27 meters, No wonder X-SHOT blasters are a three-time winner of the dartzone award Slam-fire: When the battle intensifies, hold your finger on the trigger and use the pump action. Blast up to 4 darts per second and watch your enemies flee Auto-rotating belt: As you blast away, enjoy the autorotating belt ensuring you have more time blasting away. Dart capacity: Huge dart capacity with the…

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