Nerd costume diy

Get ready for Halloween with these creative DIY nerd costume ideas. Stand out from the crowd and show off your nerdy side with these fun and easy-to-make costumes.
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A female DIY nerd costume is a perfect last-minute Halloween costume idea that costs little to assemble. Look for any plaid clothing, such as a skirt or shorts, plus a T-shirt or school uniform shirt and some black nerdy glasses decorated with a piece of light tape. Wear pigtails if you like.

Jamee Coffman
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Suspenders are classically nerdy, but you don't need to buy a pair if you want to dress like a nerd. A nerd day outfit is easy to put together, and you can usually use items of clothing you already own. Awkward fits, clashing colors and patterns and a few nerdy accessories are key.

Rhonda Blanner