Nature mandala

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with these stunning mandala designs. Explore unique patterns and intricate details to unleash your creativity and find inner peace.
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Earth Altering would like to offer you an opportunity to connect deeply to the Earth, your Self and each other. We love creating custom Earth Altars for events, ceremonies, retreats, gatherings, photoshoots etc. Keep in the loop about our upcoming workshops around Australia and if you would like to create your own Earth Altar and learn how to use it, check out our self paced online course.

Gabz Sansoni
Nature Mandala, Mandala Art, Nature Art, Land Art, Altar, Halloween Girlande, Ephemeral Art, Painted Driftwood, Sea Glass Colors

We've gone mad for Mandalas this week, and in the process of writing our articles on the meaning, history and use of mandalas, we came across two extraordinary artists whose work we had to share. They have much in common - they are both very talented, unique mandala artists - and yet they're also so very different. Bot

Karin Mo_📍