Natural wool

Explore a wide range of natural wool products that are sustainable, cozy, and perfect for your home. Upgrade your lifestyle with the warmth and comfort of natural wool.
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Natural fibre clothing is becoming increasingly popular for its numerous benefits. From the comfort it provides to its environmental impact, natural fibres offer a better alternative to synthetic fabrics. In this article, we'll explore the various types of natural fibers, their benefits, and the few disadvantages they may have. Get ready to make an informed decision for your next clothing purchase.

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natural colors of wool - BFL ~ long staple... colours mixed more than 'she' expected but I think it looks great! Didn't realise how much variety there is in BFL family. Hantverk Diy, Spinning Wool, Spinning Yarn, Spinning Fiber, Fibres Textiles, Spinning Wheel, Natural Colors, Knitting Inspiration, Sheep Wool

FLUFFfibers BFL in the Sticks and Stones colorway. I decided to to a gradient spin for Tour de Fleece. Here is the fiber after I hand-carded it into rolags. The long staple of the BFL meant my colors got much more mixed up than I planned, but I did end up with a nice gradient in the brown and charcoal families. On Ravelry

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Why Should You Work with Wool? | Horizon | Feature | NOT JUST A LABEL A Well Traveled Woman, Doodle Pattern, Texture Inspiration, Textile Texture, Organic Forms, Material Textures, Materials And Textures, Fabric Texture, Surface Textures

Wool might be the most ubiquitous of materials, and a dependable medium for use in any Autumn/Winter collection, but as a practicing designer–how well do you understand wool as a natural fibre, where it comes from and the mosaic history of its production? Following NJAL’s appointment as a Nominating Body for the International Woolmark Prize, it’s time to highlight the versatility and modernity of Merino wool. It's time to snuggle up with a material that has long been out of vogue. After…

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Natural dyeing yarn colors so many different colors using nothing but nature! Dye Wool Yarn, Naturally Dyed Yarn, Natural Fabric Dye, How To Dye Clothes, Nature Weaving, Tinta Natural, Dye Clothes, Dye Yarn, Fabric Dyeing Techniques

Nature has such amazing colors and so many gorgeous layers and color combinations. Have you ever wondered if you could dye yarn with a particular herb or other plants nearby you? Growing up I loved to read and in several of my book adventures were people that had created dyes out of the everyday nat

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