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Upgrade your look with these easy and beautiful natural updo hairstyles. Discover top ideas to style your natural hair in an elegant and trendy way.
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Jan 5, 2022 - Hi Jaybugs! This is an easy yet elegant and classy protective style that can be made within 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t forget to Subscribe and hit the bell but...

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Protective styles are best defined as anything the keeps your ends tucked away and shielded from the environmental stressors that cause damage, breakage and more. Although most like to categorize braids as the primary type of protective look, the truth is there is so much more; just take a quick scroll down your Instagram feed and the inspiration is there. Popular accounts like @protectivestyles and @afropunk are constantly showing us the versatility of black hair with styles that look good…

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36. Faux Mohawk Hairstyle. You can actually get your mohawk hairstyles to stay fresh and new for a couple of weeks. Faux mohawks last longer and are more protective, as your natural hair is safely tucked underneath. Twist the braids a bit tighter and tame flyaways with a good quality styling gel.

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