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Explore a variety of music classes for all ages and levels. Enhance your musical skills and unleash your creativity with our top-rated instructors. Sign up now and start your musical journey today.
The north-facing, light-filled painting studio looks out on the Arts Terrace and the dining hall. Durable finishes and flexible furnishings allow the studio to be easily rearranged as project needs change. Studio walls serve as temporary gallery spaces, where advanced art students display their evolving work in salon-style pinups. Photo credit: Jonathan Hillyer Studio, Architecture, Ann, Architect, Architecture Model, Bau, Architecture Design, Concept Design, Atelier

The arts are at the forefront of life at Brooks School, where every student pursues an arts curriculum. Since completion of the Center for the Arts, student interest in the arts has increased, so much so that the curriculum has expanded to reflect this enthusiasm. The Center stands in a premier...

Getting to Know You Activities for Music Class on the FIrst Day of School Teaching, Studio, Elementary Music, School Programs, School Of Rock, Teaching Elementary School, Elementary Music Education, Teaching Elementary, Get To Know You Activities

On the first day of school, do you ever look at your roster puzzled on how you will ever learn all of your students' names? Here you will find ways to have fun with your students while learning their names and taking attendance. These are great getting to know you activities and name games for your elementary Music class to use on the first day of school. Also conduct a musical survey to get to know your students.

Betsy McElroy
I love how neat and organized this room is! Definitely stealing some of these ideas! Music Classroom Organization, Music Room Organization, Elementary Music Room, Orff Music, Music Classroom Decor, Elementary Music Class, Behavior Chart, Elementary Music Education, Music Curriculum

Welcome to our Music Room! Let me show you around... We are so fortunate to have SMARTboards in our classrooms! I don't know how I could ever teach without one now! Here is our instrumentarium! I am always looking to expand my Orff collection! :) Our Musical Word Wall... More classroom instruments and our music textbooks... Our Music Essential Questions posted... The Music Standards (in kid-friendly language) are also posted for each class. The 4th and 5th graders spend a few minutes during…