Mosaic crosses

Enhance your home decor with beautiful mosaic crosses. Discover unique and meaningful designs that add a touch of spirituality to your living space.

I was commissioned to make this mosaic cross for a newly built small church in Texas. This 3-demensional cross features recycled china shards from a variety of…

Devin Graf
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Sacred Heart of Jesus Crucifix wall with red heart 15 x 23 cm (5.9 "x 9") Handmade in glass mosaic (lastre*) on a multi-layered wood base with many small triangular tesserae. The white glass is opalescent and this creates a nice light kicks. "I like to see this big red heart shine in the white cross. when the light comes, the small mirrored glass tiles shine and look like the rays of the heart" Made entirely by hand,grey wood laquer frame. To hang on the wall by hidden attack Crosses are for…

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I've wanted to share cross ornaments with a few of our close friends for a long time, and right before Christmas (nothing like waiting 'till the last minute!), a bag of sparkly tiles caught my eye in my studio. The tiles were an "extra", tucked into an order from a mosaic supplier. I quickly sat them aside, thinking I would never us them. I'm so glad I picked them up and played around with them because I also had the perfect cross ornaments bases to set the tiles in. I love it when things…

Andrea Pfanstiel Richards