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Transform your home into a Montessori-inspired environment that promotes independent learning and creativity. Discover top ideas to design a nurturing space for your child's development.
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After many questions on the topic, I decided it was finally time for a home tour! Hopefully this will help give you a visual of our home and how we set up Montessori spaces for both our infant and toddler. I have tried to include links to all of the furniture, materials, and decor I often get asked

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I noticed I've done a lot of book posts lately, so I thought I'd step back and talk about Montessori at home again. As Noora is now 16 months, fully mobile and into everything, she's everywhere and in everything. And as I was looking for ideas for her, I realized that every other blog I've seen feat

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Montessori House Bed Natural Canvas Teepee Playhouse Tent | Etsy Montessori, Child's Room, Montessori House Bed, Kids Furniture, Toddler Room, Play Houses, Kids Bedroom, Montessori Bed, Kids House

The Playhouse Features ==================================== We present to you our Montessori House Bed is available for purchase. This playhouse tent is sure to provide several options to use. You can use it as a bed for toddlers. It is suitable for 130X90 cm bed mattress. ( please be aware that mattress is not included) Or you can also use as a small play cottage . Either as a specila play games area or reading nook, resting corner, for the years you can adopt this cotton play house as per…

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