Montessori bathroom toddlers

Create a child-friendly bathroom with these creative Montessori ideas for toddlers. Encourage independence and learning while making bath time fun and engaging.
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This is our Montessori inspired toddler self-care bathroom space. We set it up on a small wall in a half bathroom. You won't need much space to be able to create something similar. It's such an awesome way to give your toddler ownership over a small area in your home. Whether you are starting your

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Brand: HTTMT Toddlers love to be independent. They feel so much joy once they’ve accomplished something themselves. Self care is a great way to give your toddler the independence that they crave. It can be simple and inexpensive to set up a little self care station for your toddler. Our washstand in a suitable height for children, playful learning, makes getting clean fun for kids.Your kids cannot only use it to wash their hands, brush their teeth and comb their hair. With its installation…

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I really wanted to write this post as this is may be the smallest house we will live in as a family. There are a few things unique about our current situation. We are living overseas for two years, so we don't have a lot of our things with us and our accommodation is temporary, we can't make any changes to our house. But there might be others in a similar situation or some of these ideas might apply to others renting or living in small spaces. It is so important for us to remember that…

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Did all those gorgeous Instagram pics of Montessori spaces win you over? Or maybe it was the respectful, child-focused philosophy. Either way, read more to find out how to create the perfect Montessori space for your little one!

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