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Create a Montessori-inspired bathroom for your child with IKEA. Explore top ideas to make bath time fun and educational while promoting independence.
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I noticed I've done a lot of book posts lately, so I thought I'd step back and talk about Montessori at home again. As Noora is now 16 months, fully mobile and into everything, she's everywhere and in everything. And as I was looking for ideas for her, I realized that every other blog I've seen feat

Natasha Mila
Where Do Your Children Wash Their Hands? - Toddler Wash Basin Options! Montessori, Montessori Toddler, Reggio Emilia, Toddler Vanity, Kids' Bathroom, Montessori Bathroom Station Ikea, Montessori Bathroom Station, Kids Sink, Montessori Bathroom Ikea

There is a whole lot of hand-washing going on around here and it's a good thing! I've learnt that toddlers need to be standing up themselves to wash their hands adequately, you can't be holding them up. When you get home from being out (during this pandemic) you, the adult caregiver, need to help the toddler wash their hands. You need to make sure they use enough soap and wash for at least 20 seconds. See my recent study here. During the pandemic we've been using more liquid soap as I find…

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