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Monster girl encyclopedia

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Banshee (Monster Girl Encyclopedia)

Banshee are dark, melancholic creatures who are considered omens of death and are the last thing one sees before they are claimed by death's hands. They are a race of undead that directly serve Hel, the goddess of life and death. It's said she is imbued with the very power of Hel and that listening to their wailing will have the pain of death mitigated and will end up bringing back the dead. In the modern faith of the goddess of life and death, "banshees" are servants of the goddess who…

Creeping Coin | Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki | Fandom

Creeping Coins are a race of Monster Girls related to the Mimic. Similar to the conventional Mimic, who hide themselves inside treasure chests to ambush unsuspecting human men, Creeping Coins outright masquerade as mountains of valuable, golden coins waiting for a greedy man to find them. This is made easier thanks to a unique type of charm magic they employ; any greed a man feels towards their coins will inflame the man's lust towards them. Ergo the greedier a man is, the more lustful he…

Kejourou | Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki | Fandom

Kejourou are a race of Monster Girls native to the Zipangu Region noted for their incredibly long and prehensile hair. As with most Zipangu monsters, Kejourou are very well-behaved and civilized creatures; instead of attacking human men, they can often be found hiring themselves out as prostitutes to find a partner for life.While as a Majin-type Monster they tend to look identical to human women, a Kejourou's most defining trait is their long hair. Not only is their hair fully prehensile…

Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II | Monster Girl Encyclopedia

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Mad Hatters are a race of Monster Girls indigenous to Wonderland and are distinguished by the hat-like mushroom growing on their heads. Being brought into being when the Queen of Hearts "cursed" a regular Matango, Mad Hatters are far more humanoid and intelligent than their progenitors. For a Wonderland race, they are surprisingly sophisticated and calm, and love tea parties. However, their sanity is only skin-deep, and underneath their calm exterior they are just as eccentric as other…

Codex Of Monster Girls - Section G: Glacies

I will be doing a monster girl encyclopedia kind of things so people will know what monsters are in stories based on the MGE universe. May it be helpful to all readers. P.S. it will be in alphabetical order. P.S.S. Vote your favorite, Enjoy! P.S.S.S Let me know if you want a reader x monster girl book.